Originally from California, Justin has been in and around the world of tattooing since he was young. At 13, his father let him tattoo a small design on his leg. When he and his wife married, they moved to Greenville so that he could start his apprenticeship with his father. After working with his dad, it was time for him to move on. With the knowledge and experience he acquired from traveling across America, he found it was important for him to be versatile to tattoo any style/design but to make sure his tattoos are created with simplicity and boldness in mind so that they are easy to understand , fun to look at, and can be done efficiently. He applies his tattoos with tradition in mind so whether it’s American traditional, Japanese or b&g, your tattoo will stand the tests of time while always looking hella fine.


Lady  Liberty Tattoo Parlor


107 Spartanburg Hwy, Unit D Lyman, SC, 29365



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