Matt has had a love for art and body modifications nearly all of his life. In the 5th grade, he started a side business "tattooing" his classmates. In 2012, he decided to follow that lifelong dream and started his tattooing career. Matt soon found himself to be comfortable in any style of tattooing but has since found a passion in realism. Whether it be your Grandmother, beloved pet, favorite singer, slasher villain, or pop culture icon, he would love to tattoo it! He is well-versed in both color and black and grey. Matt has won numerous awards for his tattooing in various categories, including but not limited to: best black and grey, best color, and best portrait. If you would like to set up an appointment or consultation, please email him at


Lady  Liberty Tattoo Parlor


107 Spartanburg Hwy, Unit D Lyman, SC, 29365



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