“Just a Spice Girl, living in a Spice World.”

Meagan has been an artist her whole life and doesn’t know who she'd be without having that creative outlet. She took AP Honors art classes along with digital art classes in high school. Her favorite mediums to work with are acrylic paint, graphite, and resin.


She's always been interested in body art and started searching for a tattoo apprenticeship at age 20. She started her tattoo apprenticeship at age 25 under Jason Bible in October 2019. Her favorite tattoo styles are: American Traditional, New School, and Blackwork. She's still honing her own personal style but hopes to have something a little different to bring to the table one day. Her original designs are mostly inspired by music, movies, and pop culture.

Fun Fact: In middle school, she was given a career aptitude test and her top result was tattoo artist.



Lady  Liberty Tattoo Parlor


107 Spartanburg Hwy, Unit D Lyman, SC, 29365



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